In case you missed it, last week a police officer from Gainseville, Florida, posted a selfie with two other officers on the department's Facebook page that quickly went viral because they were super hot. So hot that they were referred to as the "hot cops."

Unfortunately, according to USA Today, the post has since been removed (but you can see the photos and comments in the video below) and the officer who posted the selfie has been suspended after anti-Semitic comments posted on his Facebook page surfaced online.

I prefer not to share those comments here, if you'd like to read what he said, you can do that here.

Instead, I'd like to bring your attention, once again, to our friends at the Dixon Police Department. These guys shared a photo of their night crew weeks ago, making them the original "hot cops."

Other departments from around the country have responded to Gainseville's post with photos of their own, but many here in the Rockford area, like Briana Collins from WIFR, are patiently waiting to see more from the DPD.

Well, we're waiting guys.

Bonus Video

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