The First Lady of the United States is headed to nearby Dixon on Monday.

According to a press release from the Office of the First Lady:

On Monday, April 19, First Lady Jill Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona will travel to Dixon, Illinois to visit Sauk Valley Community College.

The visit is due in part to the Impact Program Sauk Valley Community College hosts and "the great work the college is doing" according to Lori Cortez.

What exactly is the Impact Program?

Sauk Valley Community College:

The SVCC Impact Program will harness the collective power of Sauk Valley partners and communities to create an effective, supportive, sustainable path for students to pursue a college education and achieve career success through lifelong learning, public service and economic advancement.

The intention of the program appears to provide students earned tuition. Matter of fact, students that qualify will have all expenses paid which sounds eerily similar to the free community college proposal President Biden discussed in March.

It makes even more sense Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is coming along for the ride.

According to Forbes, Cardona emphasized that as a first-generation college student, he understands “the importance of higher education, and the importance of making it accessible.”

So who knows, an Illinois community college could be the model for free or at least "earned education" for the rest of America.

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