Think about how great your December 31 2016 is going to be after you start doing this.I was scrolling through Facebook on New Year's Eve when I came across someone who I went to high school with, Jeff.

He posted a picture of a bunch of folded pieces of paper on a table with a caption about how he wrote down great memories throughout 2015 and now has this huge pile of awesome to go through before entering 2016.

Doesn't that sound like such a fun idea? I immediately texted my best friend, Lori, saying that we should do this every single day for the next year.

We talked about how great that was, but then also realized we didn't want to make it a task, so we would just write down great moments and memories as they come, instead of making each other do it every day. I can't wait to relive 2016 at the end of this year!