Bradley Olsen has been missing for over 10 years. He was last seen on January 20, 2007 at Bar One (now Molly's) in DeKalb.

When Olsen, 26, went missing, I lived in another state and I missed the story on his disappearance.

A weather-beaten poster on a light pole in Sycamore with Olsen's information caught me up on what happened the night he vanished.

Do You Remember: DeKalb Man Goes Missing Without A Trace
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The mystery around Olsen's sudden disappearance only deepens as time passes.

Vanishing in 2017 instead of 2007 is much more difficult. With 24-hour news cycles hammering out information all the time, the likelihood of finding a missing person now as opposed to then is much greater.

In that time there have been countless stories, blogs, video and reward posters have been put up in and around the DeKalb area - including an Unsolved Mysteries Reddit thread.

10 years later, Olsen's mother, Susan, continues to search. She posts on the Bradley P. Olsen Facebook page and celebrates his birthday. Olson would be 37 this year.

The Chicago Tribune says Olsen "often wears a button with her son's photo, and his face also graces the back of her trucks with a number to call police with tips and advertisement of a $50,000 reward."

Anyone with information regarding Olsen's whereabouts is asked to call the DeKalb Police Department at 815.748.8400.

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