According to one survey the answer is YES!

So I found a list of the best chili in every state. I got extra excited because ever since it's gotten cold out, I've been CRAVING chili.

So where's the place to get it in Illinois? Apparently it's Portillo's. Delish details -

"Portillo's makes the best Chili Dog in the world. No place else even comes close. They even use special Chili Dog Chili, different from what you get when you order a Bowl of Chili." -Foursquare user Paul Baker

So maybe don't go here for the chili alone, but let's be honest, the best way to eat chili is on a chili dog.
Here's Wisconsin's best according to Delish -

Drift Inn, Depere - "The burgers and chili are the best bar none. Service is quick and friendly and the prices are to die for." -Foursquare user ron gossen

It's chili season, so take these suggestions next time you've got a craving.

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