When you read something on the internet that causes a double take you have to take note.

That's what happened this morning while scrolling through Facebook.

While perusing the Hoffman House restaurant Facebook page I saw this:

Delicious looking, right? I've never had the bread, but I certainly have had the prime rib. It's freaking amazing.

Anyway, I'm checking out the comments and then I read "That's the best bread in the world." Wow. That is beyond high praise.

Hoffman House via Facebook
Hoffman House via Facebook

It might be because this bread isn't just regular bread, it's fried bread.

Yelp! reviewers seem to like the bread too. Saying "Fried bread with honey butter makes my heart happy." while others say it's "good but a bit too much like dessert for me."

Two important questions remain though. Is the Hoffman House fried bread the best in Rockford (or the world) and is their bread actually count as bread or is it really a donut?

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