If you're a huge DogHaus fan and you've eaten everything on the menu, here's some good news.

DogHaus Biergarten, 7616 Walton Street, has a massive menu, but they don't limit themselves to just hot dogs.

DogHaus also serves up burgers, sausages, and something called the Bad Mutha Clucka. On the DogHaus menu, the Bad Mutha Clucka is referred to as "beer battered or grilled chicken breast, lettuce, pickles, miso ranch."

Every dog, burger, sausage or chicken is served on Hawaiian bread but what about this mystery Chicago Dog? It looks like it's also on Hawaiian bread but that's all we know.

What we do know: DogHaus isn't trying to one-up the traditional Chicago Dog but wanted to make their own version for customers that might want one.

We also have it on good authority the DogHaus has the ingredients to make the dog now.

If you want to try some secret menu food, go, then report back.

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