Rumors are swirling that a Starbucks coffee shop could be coming to downtown Rockford this year, what do you think? 

Something I don't need to tell you... coffee is a big deal for most adults.

Whether you started drinking it studying for a test in high school or you discovered the pick-me-up feeling you didn't know you were missing at 25, chances are coffee is a part of your life.

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And if you're an avid coffee drinker, there's also a pretty big chance that you stop at Starbucks once or twice (or more) each week. Of course we love local coffee shops but there's just something about knowing that when you order a 'venti cold brew with caramel cold foam,' at any Starbucks, you'll love your drink.

Which is why we're freaking out a little about the idea that a Starbucks could be coming to downtown Rockford.

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Make sure you read that sentence correctly, COULD be coming, this is most definitely a rumor but after Eyewitness News Anchor and Reporter, Taylor Castro dropped this story on the news last night, it really seems like a possibility!

Prior to Taylor's story, we knew the building was being revamped. If you've driven by W. State and Main anytime in the last month and a half, you've seen crews cleaning out the inside of the building and most recently painting the outside.

So why are we thinking that we're getting a Starbucks inside?

Well, every small business owner in the downtown area said they were told it would be a 'cafe' or 'coffee shop,' when I asked, and I've been asking for weeks.

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Then... in Taylor's interview above we heard 'larger retail space that's already leased to a National tenant,' so... where does that leave us?

Starbucks right? I mean, it could be a Dunkin, but my thoughts and my heart say it's a Starbucks. Plus they painted part of the building green.

I'll take one venti cold brew with caramel cold foam please. Every day.

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