This week marks the 17th season premiere of Grey's Anatomy on ABC and Dr. Bailey (virtually) came to Rockford to talk all about it. 

Every now and then I feel bummed out about life, we all do, But the best part of being bummed is when you get the chance to get 'un-bummed.'

Let me tell you about what that meant for me this week.

I got the chance to interview Chandra Wilson and Jason George from Grey's Anatomy and Station 19. Yep, Dr. Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren.

Talk about a dream opportunity for someone (me) who has been watching Grey's since I was in high school.

I would consider this a huge Pandemic silver lining, since I'm pretty sure if they were traveling to talk shows to do interviews they might not make it to Rockford.

But, I'm super 'un-bummed' that they were able to chat!

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