But we aren't quite sure how it's gonna taste.

Bone Broth. Ever heard it? Me either. But apparently if we drink bone broth, we will look forever young.

At least according to Salma Hayek. Let's think about this. Salma Hayek is 48. I know you're shocked. Pick your brain up off the floor, put it back in your head and listen again, Salma Hayek is 48.

Pretty sure Salma Hayek looks younger than I do and she's 20 years older than I am.

Drinking This Concoction Will Make You Look Younger
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Salma was quoted in People Magazine saying she drinks bone broth. She says it is "disgusting."

You literally slow cook bones from cows. I don't want to know where she gets the bones, I don't want to smell or taste it, but I do want the after effects.

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