Halloween is not canceled. Trick-or-treating might be in some areas, but the essence of the holiday will definitely be in tact especially at this new drive-thru haunted house in Chicago. 

Pop-up bars are restaurants have been a huge trend in the last few years, especially at one bar in Chicago, Replay Lincoln Park. 

From The Office to Friends to Bob's Burger's, Replay has found a way to keep customers coming back for a good theme, this time around we're driving through their pop-up called, 'Alley of Darkness.'

According to the group that's producing the experience, the Alley is a:

'drive-thru haunted house experience for thrill seekers this Halloween season beginning Friday, October 2. Set in an alley in the shadows of the Red Line, guests will enjoy a short drive-in movie to set the scene before a 30-minute, 360-degree haunting experience during which they may not leave their cars. Complete with up-close sightings of the undead, demons, zombies and more that jump out at and rock the car with realistic sound, visual and prop effects, including fake blood

Honestly that sounds really scary for me, but I know a ton of thrill-seekers who would love the chance to be a part of this.

I could probably go with a friend, but there's no way I could do the driving and not accidentally crash because I was scared.

The 'Alley of Darkness' opens on October 2 and runs though Halloween. Tickets are on sale now. 

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