If someone were to ask you about Rockford, what would you tell them?

Think about it, someone walks up to you, and they have no idea what Rockford is or what it's all about. How do you sell them on Rockford or make them fear for their life?

That's what one Reddit guy did a couple of days ago asking other users to "Tell me everything you can about Rockford."

The top answer to the question had eleven responses. A few are informative, some negative but most are not safe for work.

Dude Sums Up Rockford In Six Not Safe For Work Sentences
ThinkStock, Reddit user Swingmerightround

Swingmerightround on Reddit said:

  • "Stockholm Inn has amazing Swedish pancakes."
  • "Everyone talks about how great Beef A Roo is but it's really basic a** food that's overrated."
  • "Our crime rates are ridiculous."
  • "There's this whole stupid sock monkey thing."
  • "We have a great selection of pizza places."
  • "Everyone went ape sh** like it was the 2nd coming of Christ when a f******* hot dog restaurant opened up."

What would you say if someone were to ask you about Rockford what would tell them?


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