In Rockford on Sundays, for can enjoy golf for fun just $5.

Rockford Is Known For Its Golf Courses

There are a lot of good things about Rockford. Some are well known and others just fly under the radar. When it comes to golf courses, players from all over Illinois and Wisconsin know this is the place to check out.

The Rockford Park District does an excellent job maintaining them. Compare to many other places, it is very affordable to play here too. There are also a few different courses to choose from depending on your preference.

For many players, golf is a very serious game. Others use it as a fun way to get outside and be active. I do not play often but when I do, it is all about fun.

To learn how to play the game, you really need to just get out on the course and hack away. You can practice at a driving range but it just is not the same. For beginners, it is a little intimidating. Especially, to go out on a busy Saturday when all the regulars are playing. Also, it could be beyond your budget if you are going to stink up the course.

Special Time For Casual Golfers And Beginners

Luckily, the Rockford Park District understands that some golfers are just starting to learn or that just want to play for fun in a relaxed environment. That is why they came up with a special day and time for those kinds of players.

It's called Golf Sunday Fun Days and it starts this week, May 2nd, through October 31st at Sinnissippi and Ingersoll golf courses.


According to,

"Admission is $5 per person; carts available for an additional fee. Reserve a tee time online, or walk-ups are welcome, based on availability at the course. The Fun Days feature nine holes of play from the easy tees, and a slower pace of play; limited sets of clubs will be available for beginners to use free of charge."

This is a good way to get the family out on the course and have some outdoor fun.

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