It appears a major pileup is going to wreak havoc on those making the Christmas cruise today and maybe even tomorrow.

According to CBS 58 in Milwaukee:

There have been reports of a crash involving about 100 vehicles along I94 near US121 in Jackson County just south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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Apparently icy roads are the culprit for the massive crash. CBS 58 also mentions "Wisconsin State Patrol is warning people in that area to take extra caution and stay off roads if possible as road conditions are hazardous."

While the 100 car pileup may seem like a big number, it actually pales in comparison to recent US history.

Multiple Car Accident In Brooklyn
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THE BIGGEST PILEUP IN RECENT AMERICAN HISTORY IS... says "The largest pileup in recent US history happened approximately 25 miles south of Los Angeles. A morning fog lay over the freeway and a semi-truck crashed into the center concrete divider. Due to very poor visibility drivers couldn’t avoid the wrecked semi, causing an enormous chain of accidents. Incredibly, there were no fatalities."

This is the second big pileup of the year in Wisconsin. From April, Fox News reported a 22-car pileup left one dead and several others injured during a snow storm.

So how do you avoid pileups?

According to Hogan Injury:

  • Maintain a Three Second Following Distance
  • Look Farther Down the Road
  • Watch for Common Pile-Up Causes
  • Hit Your Brakes Hard to Avoid an Impending Collision

The best thing you can do when driving in wintry conditions, go slow, cover the brake, be alert and stay safe.

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