Having the best day ever? Having the worst day ever? Target has you more than covered.

I am an avid Target shopper. By avid I mean the employees that work at the E. State location probably all know what flavor of sparkling water is my favorite and that I buy wine there at least once a week.

And now that wine comes with a REBATE.

Since the dawn of the Cartwheel app I've been scanning every item in my cart hoping for a bonus discount and I've always scanned the wine even though there has never been a deal in my phone for wine.


I was scrolling through Cartwheel yesterday just looking for any random deals and there it was, a new category I'd never seen before: Adult Beverages.

Target App

What? No.... really????

Yes. I clicked inside and discovered over twenty different rebates on alcohol and the world became a better place.

Target App

These are a little different than your ordinary Cartwheel offers, as these are a 'rebate by email' according to the app. And because I currently have a stocked bar I didn't buy any yet but you better believe that next time I'm shopping for booze I'm starting with Cartwheel.

Target App

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