Sunday night, as my latest binge obsession, Safe, was coming to an end, in true Netflix fashion, they popped a new show into my trailer cue.

In true Mandy fashion I hit "play" and witnessed the most intense two minutes and 22 seconds of some of the most jaw dropping news footage I had ever seen for this docu-series, Evil Genius.

My very first thought after watching the trailer was, "how do I not remember this?" 15 years ago was a long time ago, but not that long. I had to learn more.

As someone who's obsessed with shows like Criminal Minds and Dateline, my morbid curiosity was piqued and I knew I needed to watch this for my video series, Netflix & Chilled...Wine, right away.

Except I'd do something differently this time; no wine. I needed to be completely coherent to wrap my brain around the complexity and craziness of this case.

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