So, your girlfriend of two years just broke up with you. You thought things were going great; so great that you were even thinking about proposing, but apparently she had other plans.

She said that it wasn't you, that it was her, and that she just needs to focus on her career right now and it wasn't fair to you. Blah, blah, blah. So, now what?

Chances are, the plan is to drink her memory away over some drinks with your buddies; specifically an ice cold beer....or beers at the Artisan Pub in South Beloit.

According to their marquee, they serve beer colder than your ex's heart.

Artisan Pub South Beloit
Mandy James, TSM

Dang, that's some really cold beer. Just how you like it.

Never been to the Artisan Pub? Not sure where it's located? According to their reviews, it's a pretty great place. You can pop in at 1322 Gardner Ave, South Beloit.

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