It's a new week, which means it's time to binge a new show; and while the rest of world was watching season 6 of Orange is the New Black, I was checking out another new international series on Netflix over the weekend.

If you've ever seen Shameless on Showtime, you're really going to enjoy the Catalon series, Welcome to the Family.

Real quick, about the Catalon part- it's the language spoke in Catalonia, one of the richest part of Spain.

The show follows Angela, a stressed out mom, who faces an eviction from her apartment and has to turn to her estranged parents for help. Unfortunately, she finds out that her mom has left her dad, who has since remarried a flailing cook of an actress, and he dies right in the middle of their less-than-friendly reunion. Due to some pitiful circumstances, Angela and the rest of the dysfunctional family are forced to cover up her dad's death and keep him on ice.

There is no trailer for the show that I could find, so you'll just have to trust my play-by-play reaction review in this week's Netflix & Chilled...Wine review.

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