A new baseball season is right around the corner along with some food choices at too at Wrigley Field.

First thing, the entire bleacher section at Wrigley Field will be open on opening day. As opposed to last year, parts of the bleacher remained under construction through almost June.

The best new attraction at Wrigley Field this year will be in the form of the Budweiser Bleacher Bar.

The new bar will also offer a couple of new drink additions notably a Chicago Dog Bloody Mary. According to the Chicago Tribune, it's a "classic Bloody Mary with a celery salt and poppy seed rim, skewer with a mini Vienna Beef Chicago dog served in a souvenir mason jar."

That's not all though. Hot Doug's will be back in the bleachers in 2016. The menu will rotate throughout the season but the Chicago Tribune says "fans can choose among the Champ Summers (spicy Polish sausage with Goose Island beer mustard and fried onions), the Joe Wallis (curried bratwurst with dijonnaise, onions and smoked gouda) and the Barry Foote (corned-beef "teuben" with Russian dressing, shredded Swiss and sauerkraut)."

David Paul Morris, Getty Images

Outside of all the encased meats Wrigley is offering in 2016, according to Chicagoist, "Other additions to the ballpark menu include a new take on chicken and waffles: buffalo chicken and waffle fries, a dish topped with hot sauce and two kinds of cheese."

Even with the new food additions the most important thing going at Wrigley Field in 2016 will be the Chicago Cubs.

As a lifelong diehard Cubs fan, this is the year. I've said it before while not really believing that it could actually happen. 2016 is the year that it's going to happen.

The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series in 2016. There, I said it.