Facebook has given us a new way to express how we feel when commenting on a friend's  post, and you'll love it.

If you're already familiar with GIFs, you'll be on this in moments, if you don't already know. For those that don't, let me explain what a GIF is all about. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Even that definition confuses me. You can read all about it on Wiki if you'd like, the only interesting thing I learned is that it was created in 1987. Basically, it's a short animated clip used to make other laugh (or understand your point clearly, which can sometimes be difficult to do without spoken word.

To better understand who to use this new feature, let me first show you where you find it. When a friend posts something to Facebook and you wish to comment, look for the tiny little box with the word GIF inside. Click that and a new world of fun will be bestowed upon you.

Take a look at how followers of The Steve Shannon Show on Facebook responded to the announcement of this new feature. Click the comments icon to see.

Have a blast.

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