The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are working with the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) to figure out where fake Botox injections come from.

Women from 19 different states, including Illinois, have experienced "harmful reactions' to recent Botox shots.

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In addition to the Land of Lincoln, reports of botulism illness are coming from Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Jersey, Washington, and New York.


According to the CDC, Botulism is a rare but severe illness caused by a toxin that attacks the body's nerves.


Why the obsession with Botox? Because it works. All you have to do is take a quick tour of the internet, looking for botox alternatives that exist because people are trying a healthier (and sometimes cheaper) route to reducing wrinkles.


According to Healthline, beauty brands sell vitamins, lotions, creams, patches, peels, acupuncture, and other injectable treatments that people have been employing for years.


There's also a trend called FaceXerice, which looks as funny as it sounds. It's so popular that WikiHow has a step-by-step procedure for strengthening and toning your face.

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For many, the alternatives don't work as fast, and even then, they don't yield the immediate results needed compared with the quick fix of injecting themselves with Botox.

That's why there are so many willing to risk sickness to look a few years younger, even accepting potentially generic Botox as a way to save a few dollars.

Have you tried Botox in the past, and if so, would you do it again?

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