Have you found yourself walking past the mirror and shuddering at all this quarantine? Sometimes the sight of my own self is like WOAH girl do you know you own a hair brush? Other days I'm simply amazed how impressive the bags are under my eyes. Turns out I'm not alone in over-thinking how I look while stuck at home.

Plastic surgery procedures have increased across the country due to COVID-19. What about it? Plain and simple - video calls. Being on apps like Zoom have people staring at themselves on a computer screen for hours at a time every day. It's like looking in a mirror all day long but with worse quality.

WREX details -

According to a survey conducted by the American society of plastic surgeons, 49% of respondents say they're open to having cosmetic or reconstructive procedures in the wake of Covid-19.

So is it happening in Rockford? Yes it is. According to WREX -

In the last six weeks, Dr. Pedro Rodriguez, a plastic surgeon with OSF Saint Anthony in Rockford, says he has seen a 10% increase in cosmetic surgery patients.

It's not just surgeries, cosmetic enhancements like Botox have also increased. Other services like waxing has also increased as well. But just because you dread turning on your camera for that Zoom call does NOT mean you need to get anything done. WREX details -

Regardless of the reasons why someone may want to enhance their appearance, Dr. Rodriguez says if you are considering any type of plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures, to consult with a licensed physician first.

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