This whole time we've been thinking that we're being polite when we do these things, but it turns out, we're doing them WRONG. Not to worry though, all five of these have easy fixes.

10 Farmer's Market Do's and Don'ts
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Affordable, Fresh, and Fun

Those are the three biggest reasons I like to go to a farmer's market. Just about the freshest fruits and vegetables you'll find anywhere, more affordable than grocery store prices, and Saturday mornings at a farmer's market have just been something I've enjoyed my entire adult life.

What We're Doing Wrong at a Farmer's Market

None of these are big offenses really, well... one of them is a big deal, but the rest are pretty small in comparison. However, because the offenses are small doesn't make them less rude, which is what says these 'mistakes' are.

I very much agree with the author of this article when she writes,

there are certain things that you might do or say at the farmers' market that seem polite but are actually rude [...]

I not only agree, but I'm also a repeat offender.

Here's what we need to stop doing at farmer's markets:

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1. This one is the only big one on the list and should be a no-brainer. Don't touch the produce. I'm pretty sure if they have a free moment, they'd be more than happy to give you a closer look.

2. If high is the rate of traffic flow, your many questions have to go. It's not fair to make them give you all of their attention when the goal is to sell to as many customers as possible. If you have a lot of questions, the polite thing to do would be to come back when there may be fewer people.

3. No haggling over prices

4. Bring your debit card AND some cash. Not every farmer is equipped with the latest retail technology.

5. This last one isn't helpful for you either. If you think coming late to avoid the crowd is a smart plan, it isn't. The farmers have started packing their trucks back up and you've definitely missed out on their best stuff if there's even anything left at all.

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