I witnessed a big jerk move at a friend's wedding. Afterward, a conversation started at my table of wedding etiquette and proper behavior. See if you agree with our conversation.

12 Simple Ways to Avoid Being the Biggest Jerk at a Wedding

Everyone loves a good wedding. They just exuberate pure joy and happiness. A beautiful bride. A handsome groom. One of your favorite couples staring into each others eyes, expressing their love for each other. All that followed by an amazing celebration filled with delicious food, good friends, free alcohol (if you're lucky), and fun music and dancing. What's not to love?

I was recently at a wedding where all of these things were present. A beautiful couple, an breath taking venue, and a very fun atmosphere. It was the perfect day.

Here's the etiquette list my table at this wedding came up with since apparently some people need a lesson in proper wedding behavior:

12 Simple Ways to Avoid Being the Biggest Jerk at a Wedding
  • R.S.V.P on time. The invites are usually sent out way ahead of time. Be courteous. They are on a schedule.
  • Don't assume you can bring a date. Only bring your significant other if a plus one is clearly listed on the invitation.
  • Also, don't bring your kids if they aren't invited. Sounds like the perfect date night opportunity to me.
  • Don't upstage the bride by wearing white.
  • Dress for the event. No jeans and t-shirts unless it is really that casual of a wedding.
  • Don't be late. There is nothing worse than the bride walking down the aisle and everyone being distracted by you walking in the door late.
  • Don't post pics on social media and tag the bride before the wedding is even over. Let her decide how she wants to announce her big moment to the world.
  • If you deter from the wedding registry to buy a gift, make sure you include the gift receipt.
  • Be accommodating to whatever the reception has in store. Don't dance? Too bad. Get out on the dance floor. Be social. Help make this a night to remember. Don't be the boring person sitting at your table on your phone all night.
  • Don't be drunk and stupid. No one wants to see this. Just because there might be an open bar, you don't need to get hammered and be the drunken idiot everyone is talking about the next day.
  • Respect the venue. The bride and groom most likely put a deposit down that they won't get back until the next day when everything is still in one piece.

And what was that 'jerk move' that happened at our table? Cupcakes were served for dessert and while this very attractive woman in a beautiful dress at our table was eating hers, a guy she didn't know, walked up and smashed in into her face. She had cupcake all over her dress and in her hair. And he thought he was being funny when he asked her beforehand if she thought the frosting smelled funny. When she smelled hers is when he pushed it in her face.

What would you have done in this situation?

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