Naked Gardening is becoming a pretty popular hobby, but where's the best place to try it out? Five Illinois cities make the list of the top 25 places for naked gardening.

Some people love gardening. They get very excited for the beginning of May when those April showers (and small snow storms) are over and it's time to dig into the ground and plant your favorite flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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Some people also love to do stuff without their clothes on. You've heard of nudist beaches right? There are just people out there that would rather not be confined by linen or cotton.

Then, there are the people who want to do both, garden and not wear any clothes, and those naked gardeners are having a big moment.

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May 4 was Naked Gardening Day (see I'm not kidding when I tell you that the naked gardeners are having a moment!), and in honor of the holiday, LawnStarter ranked the top 25 cites in the United States for naked gardening.

Out of those top 25, one fifth of them are right here in Illinois! Why?

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According to the study, 'nude gardener friendliness,' 'local interest,' 'weather forecast,' and 'safety,' are the most important factors to create this list, along with the actual legality of public nudity and the number of local nudists.

So who took the top spot?

In the entire country, that goes to Miami, though Philadelphia comes in a close second.

As far as the Illinois rankings: Chicago came in 11th, Evanston is 13th, Elgin is 17th, my hometown of Schaumburg is 23rd and Arlington Heights is 25th.

Honestly I don't want to garden or be naked in public, so I'll sit this one out.

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