We don't know what the driver was thinking when this happened, but we might know the thoughts running through the car's head!

A lot of stuff happens in Rockford. Like all day every day. One of those things happened yesterday at Blush Nail Bar in Roscoe.

A car drove into the nail salon. Like, boom, right there into the wall.

We're pretty sure the car was thinking one, if not all, of these thoughts.

  • I hope this is a drive thru!
  • I'm probably gonna need to get more than my nails done now...
  • Do you think they'll be able to match my color? No-chip please.
  • The sun was in my eyes.
  • Let me get the door for you officer.

In all seriousness, we hope no one was hurt and according to a comment in the Facebook post it seems like the driver may have confused the gas for the brake.

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