With Rockford's abundance of food trucks and the much-anticipated return of Food Truck Tuesdays at the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens, the burning question on every foodie's mind is: will we see new types of food trucks in town soon?

Food trucks have been a rising trend across the state of Illinois, especially in Rockford, Illinois.  We are spoiled with all of these delicious food trucks already:

All of these will be at Food Truck Tuesdays at Nicholas Conservatory, too!
Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens Facebook
Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens Facebook

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Other than what we have already, what do Rockford residents want to see come to town?  I would love to see a Laos food truck since it's my favorite type of food.

On Facebook, here's what everyone suggested.

  • Filipino food
  • Soul food
  • Polish, German, or Jewish food
  • Carnival foods and desserts
  • A baked potato food truck
  • Chili & soup

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Down at Rockford City Market kicking off on May 17th, there will be even more food trucks to choose from!  Details about that event here.

Food trucks are just convenient when you don't want to dine-in at a restaurant. plus you're supporting local businesses!  Let's grow this list - what types of food trucks would you love to see in Rockford?

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