I will be the first to admit I am a picky eater.

In fact, my mother just said to me last weekend, "JB is right, you really do eat like a child". (By eating like a child, JB, and now my mom, mean I have the food tastes of a child...and they're not wrong).

The only reason I'm bringing up my unadventurous food tastes is to prove a point. I haven't, (nor would I), tried every food truck the Rockford area has to offer, but I am totally on board for trying one of the newest trucks to enter the Stateline market. Here's why...


This new food truck is all about DESSERTS, and that is the only time my taste buds crave adventure...when sweetness and chocolate are involved.

Get to Know 2nd Act Sweets

Now that I have your mouth watering over those delicious-looking dessert concoctions, let me tell you that the 2nd Act Sweets Food Truck may be new to Rockford area roads, but they are from new when it comes to whipping up tasty treats.

The owner of 2nd Act Sweets, Heather Jonas, is actually the daughter of Benny Salamone, who owns Benny's Dariette.  Benny has been killin' it in the Rockford ice cream and granita world for MANY years now, so it's safe to say Heather has learned from one of the best!

2nd Act Sweets differs from Benny's Dariette primarily with creativity. From what I gather, this food truck serves up granitas true to the owner's family legacy..but with a fun twist. (Ice cream pun intended).

2nd Act Sweets' owner told WIFR the food truck will also offer "a special menu featuring unusuals, concha ice cream sandwiches, and mangoneadas."  Yes, please I will try one of each.

2nd Act Sweets' Grand Opening Party

If you want to try all the deliciousness that 2nd Act Sweets has to offer, make sure to join them for their Grand Opening Celebration this coming Tuesday, June 28, 2022. The party will take place in Rockford on E State Street, across from Don Carter Lanes from 3 to 6 p.m., or while supplies last. To make sure we all get hooked on their treats, 2nd Act Sweets will be giving away free samples during the party, so make sure to get there early!

To learn more about 2nd Act Sweets, and to make sure you're in the know about where the truck will be stopping next, make sure to follow them on Facebook.

I can't wait to taste you soon, 2nd Act Sweets!

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