On the big list of things people have sued famous athletes over, this one is really pretty far down the list. However, having a large powerful dog chomping down on your hand while you're trying to do your job does have a tendency to bother some people.

Ex-Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, have been made aware of that fact because they're on the receiving end of a lawsuit brought by a man named Nathan Beam, a cable installer who happened to show up for a routine cable hook-up job at a home in Tennessee.

You're probably way ahead of this story now, so I won't even bother to give you a second to guess who the homeowner might be. It's Jay Cutler! But, you already knew that. Cutler and Cavallari are divorced, but...they still co-own two German Shepherds who live at the home with Jay Cutler.

According to the most trusted name in news, TMZ.com, the cable installer, Mr. Beam, was just wrapping things up on the install at the Tennessee home when things took a turn for the worse...or bloody:

Beam claims he completed the install and was ready to leave when one of the dogs -- he believes its name is Kona -- was in front of the driver's side door of his truck.

According to Beam, as he bent over to pick up something off the ground, the dog bit him on his left thumb and fingernail and clamped down for several seconds.

He claims he did nothing to harass the dog, and afterward Cavallari's assistant came out, gave him a paper towel, and allegedly told him to leave immediately.

Wait, what? The guy gets his hand bitten and bloodied, and then he's given a paper towel and told to get out of there? Gosh, for the life of me, I can't understand why he would want to file a lawsuit when he received such caring treatment after his injury.

I don't think this Facebook post is going to help in defending against the lawsuit:


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