Every generation has grown up believing the wildest stories. Like everyone else, Moms may tell little lies to their kids for various reasons, often with good intentions. It wasn't until we grew up that we laughed when Mom revealed the truth.

The Lies Moms Tell

I'm not talking about dark family secrets, that's a different kind of chat that we aren't having. I'm talking about lies like "If you keep making that dumb face it will stick like that", or this one about gum swallowing my Mom told me.

I was 6 years old and chomping on a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum when my Mom told me the lie that messed with my bathroom habits when I turned 13. She "warned" me that if I swallowed that gum it would take 7 years to digest and pass through my system.

Long story short, at the age of 13, I spent way too much time looking at my poops.

I hope the look back at the lies she told you, brings the same kind of laughter recalling my bubblegum story gave me.

15 Hilarious Little Lies Illinois Moms Told Their Kids





I'm left wondering if she still loves liver today, or does she mean she still loves that lie?



Of all the mom lies shared with us on the 97ZOK Facebook page, the 'tongue bump' lie, was the most widely used fib.



That's one way to get out of taking the kids to the park on a super hot day.



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How much do you want to bet that this mom had already had the cord replaced because she'd run over it?



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The 'bread crust' lie also came up during a call-in segment of the Steve Shannon Show. One Mom told her daughter it would make her teeth strong, and another Mom told her daughter and her girl cousins that it would make their breasts grow.



This last one comes from a Dad.


One dad to another... HIGH FIVE!

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