I'm full time everything  There isn't anything part-time about me. Everything I do, I put everything I have into it.

Before I met Steve, I was a full time mom with a little business on the side. The only alarm I had was a human one, because in all reality, it's Liam's world and I just live in it!

Now, I have to use a real alarm clock to get me up at 2 am, so I can get my workout in, so I can have my sanity for the rest of the day. Then, I drive to Rockford to hang with Steve, then home to still be that full time Mom, wife and maid...and I'm not alone.

A new study has found the average mom is now looking after more people than ever while working a job and has less than two hours a day to themselves.

I'm lucky if I get two minutes too myself...

If you get two hours to yourself a day, please share your secrets!!