Winter blues hitting you yet? Needing an escape from the snow and below freezing weather? Well, I've got some good news for you.

How does packing up your life to move to California sound? Sounds pretty good to me. It can't be as easy as just living in California and getting paid, you've got to do some work too. What's the gig? Manning a lighthouse. Not too shabby.

The East Brother Light Station, which sits on a small island near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, is looking for a couple to operate their bed and breakfast. The current operators Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker, will be handing over the keys to the 1874 lighthouse in April. Interested applicants would have to operate the five-room inn, serve both dinner and breakfast, provide a ferry service for guests and act as a maid for guests.

A press release detailed -

The successful candidates will be a couple, one of whom must possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license. High quality culinary experience and capability will be a critical qualification. The new keepers will start in mid-April 2019, allowing two weeks for training.

What's the payday look like? Just a casual $130,000. Split between the couple of course.  Can't lie, sounds like a pretty sweet job to me.

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