How many payphones are left in Rockford?

Well to answer that question, there's none.

According to Payphone Directory, there should be one allegedly at Mobil, 550 Southrock Drive.

Other than that one specific place, there isn't a payphone in Loves Park, Machesney Park or even Belvidere. You can now say Rockford doesn't have one either.

I drove past the Mobil on Southrock yesterday to check on the payphone and I couldn't find it. A quick call to the gas station confirmed my suspicion by telling me "it got knocked over and we got rid of it."

So that's it. Rockford last payphone got knocked over and unceremoniously dumped.

If you're jonesing to use a payphone you'll have to drive all the way to Sycamore. The directory says there's three, but two of the listings have exclamations next to them which means they may be gone too.

When's the last time you needed to use a payphone? Are you surprised they still exist?

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