Over the past two to three months we've had plenty of time to clean out our closets.

Like seriously, this was a conversation my wife and I had last night while organizing our basement storage room.

We have piles of clothes, picture frames, and kitchen items we've been trying to donate that have been sitting around collecting dust for a few months now.

Apparently, today is the day at Goodwill of Northern Illinois. According to goodwillni.org:

All Goodwill Northern Illinois donation centers are now open.

That's a good thing for anyone looking to make a donation after having what seemed like all the time in the world to go through, reorganize and make the painstaking decisions to finally let go of some stuff.

A few things you should be aware of though, Donation Express in Rockford remains closed for the time being, as well as the Goodwill Outlet Store, but the remainder of the Goodwill Northern Illinois stores and donation centers are open for business.

Keep checking back, when the closed Goodwill stores and donations centers reopen, we'll be sure to let you know.

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