Green Day played in Chicago on Sunday night, and for one guy there was a very real chance he didn't end up watching them perform.

A Reddit user posed a question on Sunday asking if a pair of tickets he was considering purchasing looked counterfeit.

The guy was trying to buy them from someone on Craigslist but he had some serious reservations regarding the validity of the tickets.

Nine-Inch-Nipples via Reddit

Do you notice anything strange about the tickets? First thing for me was Aragon Ballroom. Yes, the Aragon isn't spelled with two O's.

That screams "made at home with a pretty nice printer." Yes, these are more than likely counterfeit tickets.

This is a good reminder especially with the Cubs playing World Series game at Wrigley Field this week. If you are going to buy tickets from someone on Craigslist, ask the seller to meet you at the venue and have them verified before you hand the money over.