World Series game one. Price of Chicago Cubs World Series ticket. What are the odds of the Cubs winning the World Series? Chicago Blackhawks. These are all things that the average guy in Illinois has been Googling more frequently the past few days and weeks; but what happens when the series is over and the Blackhawks are well into the season? What are guys in Illinois, specifically dads, looking for on the web?

Thanks to Estately, we now know and the answer is kind of depressing. After running hundreds of search queries through Google Trends, the real estate website found that the dad-related things that Illinois Googles the most is: Father's rights movement.


I don't know much about family law in Illinois, but from the sounds of it, the state of Illinois is a huge advocate for mothers; I often hear some dads mention that the state takes 30% of their paycheck for child support and they make it extremely difficult for dads to get custody of or see their children. This could explain why so many dads are seeking help on the internet, making "father's rights movement" the most dad-related thing Googled in Illinois.