A guy asked Reddit users the "Most Rockford Way To Celebrate" and he was met with the most stereotypical response.

Reddit user, ventouest, asked "As someone who was born and raised in Rockford and relocated to another part of the continent, what is the most appropriate way to celebrate a significant event in the most Rockford manner?"

The top comment was, you guessed it, super negative.

"Loaded guns, meth, heroin, Old Salty's or Mrs. Fisher's potato chips, a Swedish pancake, segregation, and make sure to tell everyone at the event you are from Chicago, then when they ask what part, you have to explain you are from Rockford."

Is it just me or is it the default setting for many residents in Rockford to "go negative?"

Sure, there are aspects of Rockford that can improve, there's been noticeable growth in the area since I arrived in 1999.

The rejuvenation and rehabilitation of downtown Rockford is the first thing that comes to mind. Making Rockford a travel destination for visitors is another.

There are plenty of reasons why Rockford deserves better than stereotypical responses like the one on Reddit.

What do you think? Is Rockford turning the corner or do you consider measures by those in charge of the city more of just a band-aid covering other issues? Let us know!

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