Most trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are dreadful, and this recent experience doesn't help any.

Let's face it, no one ever wants to go to the DMV. If you have to renew your license or get a plate sticker, it's probably the last thing anyone wants to do.

However, the DMV on E. State in Rockford does has some redeeming value, the drive-thru window.

It makes getting a plate sticker so easy. Cruise through, hand them your renewal card, pay and you are on your way.

That is when the drive-thru window is opened. When I rolled through to get my sticker I found the window closed.

The grim reality of having to wait in line at the DMV soon set in. Shortly after, the rage. After their system "went down" I decided to go looking for answers, specifically regarding the drive-thru window and why it's closed.

Going To The Rockford DMV Sucked Before And Now It Sucks Even More
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The answer I received from a DMV employee was "short staffed" and that he doesn't work at this facility either. He was just called in to help out.

So the best thing about a usual brutal trip to the DMV has been taken away from us. The drive-thru window is currently closed. I attempted to call to find out when, if ever, the window would reopen. In the most DMV fashion, the phone rang, and rang, and rang. You guess it, no one picked up.

Saying I was surprised by the lack of response would be lying. Maybe their phone system "went down."

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