A crazy scary incident at the former Hancock Center in Chicago left a family visiting from out of town an impression they'll never forget.

First, when did the Hancock Center change its name?

Secondly, how scared would you be to go from the 95th floor of the Hancock Center to the 11th in no time at all?

Jamie Montemayor, visiting from Mexico City, along with his wife, Mana Castillo plunged 84 floors on Friday night at what used to be the Hancock Center.

Montemayor told CBS 2 Chicago,  "I believed we were going to die" according to youinstnews.com.

ABC 7 in Chicago says "redundant elevator cables stopped its plunge."

There were no reported injuries, but Monetemayor, Castillo and four other passengers waited hours to be rescued from the elevator.

Next time Montemayor comes to Chicago, he's probably just going to take the stairs.

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