I'm all about doing all the Halloween things, except for one, carving pumpkins, which is really weird because I usually love to create things. Is it because it's a sloppy mess? Pretty much, but it's also because, despite my best efforts, my jack-o-lanterns usually end up looking like a hacked-up mess.

Pumpkin Carving Hacks Worth Trying This Halloween

Over the years I have tried several different pumpkin carving hacks and tools in order to achieve my perfect looking pumpkin, and I am here to tell you, most of them work pretty slick. I have used;

  • A drill
  • Cookie Cutters (don't use flimsy metal ones, they will bend up pretty bad and never be suitable for cookie making again)
  • Dry erase markers to draw my design and then easily wipe it off.
  • An ice cream scoop to get the nasty pumpkin innards out.

Since I know this dreaded Halloween activity is on my family's to-do list this weekend, I went on a search for more hacks to make the task more enjoyable. I came across an article on realsimple.com that mentioned cutting a notch in the lid of the pumpkin so you always know how the lid goes back on after putting a candle in. This is something we do every year, and we never have to worry about putting the lid back in wrong and having it slide off and inside the pumpkin. Now, let's get to some of Real Simple's hacks that we should all give a whirl this Halloween...

Carve a Hole in the Back of Your Pumpkin for Easier Candle Insertion

goodhousekeeping.com via Pinterest

Use Liquid Food Coloring Diluted With Water to Paint on Some Extra Scary

webfrogs Creative Agency via Pinterest

Put Battery Powered Twinkle Lights In Your Pumpkin Instead of a Candle


In my search for pumpkin carving hacks, I also came across these ideas that were just too good not to share...

Use a Solar Light Inside of Your Pumpkin

Bitz&Giggles.com via Pinterest

If you go through the trouble of using bleach water or other methods to preserve your carved pumpkin longer, this saves you lighting time and candle costs.

And now for my favorite..

Use a Mixer to Get Rid of Those Pumpkin 'Strings'

My only reluctance in trying this method is the fear of pumpkin guts flying all over my kitchen when I turn the mixer on. Have you tried it before? Did it create a huge mess

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