There's something in the air making people in Illinois run to the store to buy WD-40 and it has nothing to do with maintenance needs.

WD-40 has been a product that tons of people use for squeak relief on windshield wipers, car doors, swinging gates, and anything that seems to be rusting away.  It's a jack of all trades, really.

"protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything.It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces." [wd40]

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WD40. Anti-rust cleaner on a white background
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If you've been to any store that carries WD-40 lately, you'll probably notice the shelves are looking a little bare.  That's because we're not only trying to protect items around our homes, but on our porches, too.

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Why Is WD-40 Flying Off The Shelves In Illinois?

Step up your carving game and make your pumpkins last significantly longer than everyone else's in the neighborhood.  Nobody likes when their pumpkin's face starts drooping, right? Here's your ultimate guide to a longer-lasting carved pumpkin!


Carve your pumpkin & spray a light coat of WD-40 on it.

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Canva/Getty Images
Canva/Getty Images

According to WD-40's official website,

"Not only does it grant extra shine, but the coating will help the pumpkin last a bit longer and delay the onset of decay."

Also, be cautious there are no flames around before spraying.  We don't want you to start a fire while having a wickedly gourd time making your "best" jack-o-lantern!

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