Whether it's off to a two or four-year college or even entering the workforce, this new program will help hundreds of students.

The whole idea of what life could be after high school is as exciting as it is scary. The mission of the Career Pathway Program is to take some of the fear, if not all, out of planning for life after high school. By design, the program's goal is to help seniors graduate with a professional license, certification or college dual credit. This is an exciting opportunity for Husky Nation.

Careers in healthcare, multiple artistic paths, and the field that I entered after earning a two-year degree, communications. While I have a guidance counselor to thank for giving my talents some focus, the Career pathway Program at Harlem High School involves many teaching mentors helping the entire student body.

The pathway a student chooses, will be what determines their class schedule. All focused on helping that student leave high school with a big head start on the rest of their professional lives. Harlem High School's associate principal, Jeremy Bois, said:

"They need to be good, responsible citizens with a good base of general knowledge, but they also need some marketable skills. And we're hopeful that this program will allow our graduates to have some of those skills and meet the needs of our region so that we can fulfill our mission of preparing learners for life after high school."

The most important part of that statement above, "marketable skills." Imagine the possibilities of actually having those before ever leaving high school.

Harlem’s Class of 2025 will be the first four-year class to go through this program, according to wrex.com.

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