Machesney Park's Marquette Elementary School is in need of ALL the shoes around your house that are no longer being worn. Time to bag 'em up.

Time to bag up all the shoes around your house that nobody is wearing anymore and bring them to a very special shoe drive this weekend.

The Drive by & Drop off "Fill the Bus" shoe drive

Marquette Elementary School, along with Harlem High School's UNITE club, will be hosting an event THIS SATURDAY in the parking lot of Home Depot located at 1580 W. Lane Road in  Machesney Park.


The donated shoes will help other's in 3 great ways:

1. The donated shoes will first serve the needs of the Marquette Elementary family, including families around the Harlem school district

2. The shoe drive partner is an organization called, Funds 2 Org. They will use some of your donated shoes to create sources of income for people in developing countries around the globe.


3. None of the shoes you donate will be added to landfills. The shoes that aren't able to be used for the other two reasons above, will be recycled and repurposed.

When stopping by to drop off your shoe donation, you won't even have to get out of your car. You can just can pop the trunk open and volunteers will grab them.

If you can't make the event at Home Depot, you have until June 30th to make your donation. The flyer below lists the drop-off locations you can use until the end of the month.


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