Raising Cane's, one of the fastest rising fast food chains in the U.S. may have to pump the breaks a bit after today's news.

Business Insider called Raising Cane's the "top restaurant chain in 2017" and was dubbed "one of the culinary highlights of our taste-testers' year."

For what's its worth, I was totally on board with Rockford getting a Raising Cane's. I mean why not, Business Insider isn't the only one hyping up the grub.

The employees at Raising Cane's on the other hand, yikes. Actually, just one employee. A supposedly angry employee, who's "tryflin cause we don't care no more" at a Raising Cane's location in Missouri.

That clip went viral. The woman in the video was fired. I, on the other hand, am kind of relieved we don't have a Raising Cane's in Rockford.

The anti-Raising Cane's feeling I have at the moment will subside. I'll get over it. However, I'm not sure I'll be ordering the tea anytime soon.

The closest Raising Cane's to Rockford is located in Naperville, 698 IL-59.

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