Fall is here... we think, we don't know how long it's going to be here though, do you better get to Edwards Apple Orchard for more than just donuts. 

I grew up in Schaumburg and spent most of the fall watching TV or playing video games, cheerleading on the sidelines of Schaumburg Vikings football games and maybe going to the mall.

But we rarely went to apple orchards.

I'll have to get back to you on why that was... maybe we went before my memories set in, but at least as a teen I definitely stayed inside most of fall.

Now I know that was a waste of the weekend!

Living in the Stateline has broadened my apple orchard horizons tenfold and brought Edwards Apple Orchard to my attention.

It's 'the place' to go each fall, sometimes summer and wasn't it last year when they opened up for one day in the winter too? To make the quarantine less awful?

Rockford Neighborhood Issues group on Facebook led to me think about something else at Edwards... the non apple items!

Michelle Thompson asked: What are your favorite things to buy at Edwards Apple Orchard?

Of course apples and donuts made the list, but I'm way more interested in what else Rockfordians love to grab at the orchard.

Rockford Neighborhood Issues
Rockford Neighborhood Issues

The Top 5 I'd grab from that list: Apple Salsa, Apple Butter, Raspberry Salsa, Fudge and Blackberry Jam.

But how about an honorary mention of that steak sauce? Have you had it? I'd love to hear about it!

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