It's no secret that Americans are obsessed with avocados... like ... really obsessed. We eat them plain, mushed up, on toast, any way you can imagine. But it turns out our avocados might be at risk.

Say it ain't so! According to the USDA, nearly half of imported vegetables and 40 % of imported fruit comes from Mexico. So if all goes how Trump wants it to regarding the wall, we're basically going to be cut off from our fruit and veggie supply.

So if the wall happens, how long do we have with our beloved avos? Turns out we would run out of avocados in 3 WEEKS.

YEAH... 3 weeks.

Mexico supplies basically 100% of our avocados. Other places are starting to become providers like California, but none supply the amount that Mexico does.

Mystateline details -

In 2017 the United States imported $2.6 billion in fresh avocados and exported approximately $28,500 in fresh avocados.

That's A LOT of incoming avocados. Will the avocado toast era soon be over? Only time will tell.

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