I really miss the concept of needing something and going to the store to grab it real quick. I also missed stocked grocery store shelves.

The toiler paper aisles are finally filling back up which is a good sign. But the cleaning supplies situation isn't the same. Those shelves are still empty and it's not looking like they're going to be stocked anytime soon.

NBC's Vicky Nguyen details -

Disinfectants and wipes will likely be back in stock in June and July. She added that two major makers, Clorox and Lysol, have said that they've ramped up production as much as they can, but "because China is where a lot of the raw materials come from, and China was so affected with shutdowns, that's why we're seeing that trickle effect."

The demand for toiler paper and hand sanitizer slowed fairly quickly, but it doesn't look like cleaning products will be readily available for a couple of months. Remember, don't hoard! Only buy what you need, think of others.

Stay safe.

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