It's a known fact that $5 KFC fill-ups do not fill you up. Make it buffet, and boom, you've got a happy tummy!

How many of you recall that days that many Kentucky Fried Chicken's offered their all you eat buffet?  It was back in the early part of the 2000's that many KFC's began to offer all you can eat chicken. So, if two or three pieces of original recipe of extra crispy did not satisfy, customers who dined in, could go to the buffet and get as much of the Colonel's tasty greasy chicken as you digestive system could handle.

The buffet was not limited to chicken, dine-in customers could also fill up on mashed potatoes,  coleslaw, corn and more.

Many KFC locations in the Rockford area offered the buffet, but it only lasted a couple years before the restaurants discontinued the all you can eat fare. Well, to my surprise, I discovered that KFC buffets still exist, but plan to travel.

Over the weekend traveled back from the UP of Michigan, through Wisconsin, and stopped to get a bite to eat at the KFC in Plover, WI. Walking in to get my $5 fill-up, I was shocked to see a buffet. Needless to say I changed my order.

Pictured below is the buffet in Plover, WI.

Mark Charvat / Townsquare media

So where can you still find these elusive all you can eat KFC buffets? Here are three locations that I can confirm still offer the buffet, but you better be willing to travel.

1. Plover WI - 1770 Plover Rd

2. Tomah,WI - WI 21 and US 12

3. Watseka, IL - 800 W. Walnut

There may be more, but these are the ones I can confirm still offer the buffet. If you know of another location in illinois or Wisconsin, feel free to comment below.

By the way, you can also get a salad, but I skipped that, of course.