KFC has been saying their chicken is "finger lickin' good" since 1956. However, in 2022, KFC workers are facing backlash after putting the slogan to the test in a new viral video.

On TikTok, a group of young KFC workers were filmed licking pieces of cooked chicken, grabbing handfuls of lettuce and wasting food.

The viral video has since been made private. However, allegedly the clip was captioned "POV closing time," and it revealed several big sanitary no-nos.

Claims that part of the video showed a fast-food employee putting a tray of chicken in their mouth while laughing.

Others report seeing KFC workers grabbing fistfuls of chicken, throwing chips around the restaurant, and scarfing down shredded lettuce while allowing the remnants of the greens to fall back into the container.

Au.News.Yahoo reports that this unsanitary behavior happened at a Brisbane, Australia, store and received thousands of views before the account was set to private.

Allegedly, TikTokers in the comments were miffed by the lousy late-night behavior.

"Send this to head office," one viewer wrote.

"Did somebody say your (sic) fired?" someone else commented.

"Is this what you were doing when I waited an hour for my food?" someone else questioned.

Others didn't seem too bothered by the video and argued that "it was closing time" and implied that the food would otherwise go to waste.

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