When I waited for over an hour in the drive-thru lane at Popeye's on East State a few days ago, I figured it would definitely be Illinois' favorite chicken restaurant.

Much to my surprise, Popeye's wasn't even the second, third, or fourth most popular chicken joint in Illinois.

Popeye's ranked 5th in Illinois behind Chick-fil-A, KFC, and Church's Chicken.

According to a report from topagency.com, "KFC currently ranks as America’s favorite, coming top in 14 states. Despite not topping many states in visits, Chick-fil-A has still seen an increase in spend of 23%, showing that their delivery service has proved popular during the pandemic."

Meanwhile, Illinois' favorite chicken restaurant doesn't even have a location in Rockford,

Raising Cane's is said to be the most popular in the Land of Lincoln.


We're not the only state either that loves Raising Cane's. It was the most popular in Texas, Arizona, California, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio.

I guess the biggest bummer about the whole thing is that now I really want to try Raising Cane's.

While there seems to be a whole bunch in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs the nearest Raising Cane's is in DeKalb.

According to Raising Cane's website, that restaurant is located at 2411 Sycamore Road.

Maybe I'll make the trip but is it worth it? Have you had Raising Cane's chicken? Is it really that good? Tell us!

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